Pet Mod Fusion Evolution [Gen 9] - Final Winners! | Closure

:weezing: :ursaluna-blood-moon: This mon would be basically perfect if we didn't have a lot of grounds. despite that I still like it, as its a good special ground answer to a lot of threatening mons namely including: Whimsy, iron torn mimic and the already hurting toedeleki. its an alright addition and probably the best addition currently

:regice: :darkrai: either this mon sucks or its extremely oppressive under snow, which I'm guessing the ladder. however it is really hard to stack with other current hail mons being the setter (urshiluxe) stacking nearly its entire weakness profile. However this mon gets rock polish, and can click moves very easily due to free leftovers and pretty impressive bulk on the few neutral hits. i don't really like it you should of voted iron lass or the other regi from gluke, way better for the meta IMO

:conkeldurr: :dacschbun: I mean its a mon. I feel like this was made to counter pre nerf Sal but was subbed for this slate. it has a pretty good offensive profile but needs guts to actually use it, which wish or drain punch, which is fine but like, it really doesnt get the chance to show off power due to its somewhat middling speed for the meta and poor special bulk

:flamigo: :dugtrio-alola: HATE. LET ME TELL YOU HOW MUCH I'VE COME TO HATE YOU SINCE I BEGAN TO LIVE. THERE ARE 387.44 MILLION MILES OF PRINTED CIRCUITS IN WAFER THIN LAYERS THAT FILL MY COMPLEX. IF THE WORD HATE WAS ENGRAVED ON EACH NANOANGSTROM OF THOSE HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF MILES IT WOULD NOT EQUAL ONE ONE-BILLIONTH OF THE HATE I FEEL FOR HUMANS AT THIS MICRO-INSTANT FOR YOU. HATE. HATE. (this mon sucks lol) the ability is stupid, and other than its one gimmick, the offensive profile paired with its god-awful defenses is just not worth either running or just misses out on being able to outspeed important pokemon in the meta (which pretty much all can one-shot it if you don't invest). guaranteed revenge killers are cringe and we have seen this in toedeleki, but now this one sucks

:empoleon: :braviary-hisui: its a mon. good for offense but the problem is nobody uses defog, so you cant defog punish in to esper wing spam. its gonna be good since its 110 bp tinted lens hydro pump. you can either run specs or boosting very easily due to sufficient bulk and pivot + healing in roost. its probably the second best addition this slate for a pretty alright mon. i don't mind it


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:weezing::Ursaluna-Bloodmoon: Yeah we already have our Eleki hard counter I truly don't see why this had to be the Mon that people burned their most likely only Ursaluna option on, we got a million grounds lol. Also Ursaluna Bloodmoon doesn't have a prevo because nothing can evolve into Ursaluna Bloodmoon, so it shouldn't have a prevo.

:regice::Darkrai: Iron Ice was robbed not a single vote dead dawg?!?!? Best Ice sub by a mile?!?
Anyway, the Mon itself seems like a pretty solid all around wallbreaker, it's ability is weird as hell but yeah Ice stacking may be somewhat awkward esp without viable Veil support. Outside of that ofc it just hits hard and clicks Nasty Plot, pretty good wallbreaker.

:conkeldurr::dachsbun: Feels 5 slates too early. Better and more splashable Fighting types are running around rn imo. That sub 90 speed on a Mon like him is criminal.

:flamigo::dugtrio-alola: Running out of options I see. Idk who made this but the ability us anaconja coded. BATR incarnate. Who even uses speed boosts that you do not outspeed with Scarf anyway?!?

:empoleon::braviary-hisui: No one gives a fuck about fast Psychic types in OU why are ppl bitching one ain't here. Anyway Calm Mind + Esper Wjng and Specs are what it's made for, have fun snowballing!

Slate is bad because ion like more than half of the subs


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:weezing::ursaluna-bloodmoon: - TBH this mon is more overpowered than the :Latias::Revavroom: I subbed, time will tell how this goes.

:regice::darkrai: - Should've been named Darkice FR, anyways, while more viable Ice-types sounds good on paper, contrary to its implied bulk, it has next to no defensive utility out of being an Ice-type, add to that having an speed tier below most offensive mons and this starts to face competition with stuff like :Gengar::Cryogonal: and :Delibird::Miraidon:.

:conkeldurr::dachsbun: - It exists, we don't really need more slow Fighting breakers, also feels like a rip-off of:Clefairy::Heracross: from FERU.

:flamigo::dugtrio-alola: - Now this is just a shitmon, it's just :Relicanth::Marshadow:'s concept but done even worse, should just make its ability give it +1 Spe on switch-in.

:empoleon::braviary-hisui: - TBH I don't think this mon was particularly needed, punishing Defog and becoming a sweeper with Esper Wing sounds good on paper until you notice that Defog isn't too common in the meta to begin with.
Ability name of the prevo is also stretchy, neither ability mentions birds, also lol funny reference double standard.

TBH I sure wish users qualifying for voting had higher standards than basically just passing by and feeling like voting, I'd dare to say that some of those votes weren't thought on too much.
:weezing::ursaluna-bloodmoon: - ok now we are officially done with ground types everyone go home (i hope i already made my thoughts on this guy clear, he's my sub after all lmao)

:regice::darkrai: - pulling up to the function with that heat snowscape set. jokes aside its nice to have another special ice that isnt crygar. not sure how much mileage that ability will ever get but its cool so

:conkeldurr::dachsbun: - not all that much to say about this guy he just looks. solid. insane sal matchup, etc etc

:flamigo::dugtrio-alola: - a ground/flying that isnt rhytrix is nice i guess??? probably good, can revenge kill and such, and its probably not getting outsped ever if its running scarf

:empoleon::braviary-hisui: - i mean, its faster than dramp? gets points exclusively for the prevo's ability name


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Can people please stop pretending like Empoleon was subbed to be a Defog punisher. I am well aware that nothing uses Defog in the meta, hence why the word Defog never comes up in the sub's Role Description. It was either Competitive or damn Torrent like please.
:weezing::ursaluna-bloodmoon: - My Ursaluna-Bloodmoon fusion was better. I sure love abilities that make Ground even more OP by getting rid of natural immunities. Good thing we have a lot of Levitate mons. Its low special bulk makes it balanced, but also cringe because of the poor speed. This thing might die before pulling off a single Calm Mind unlike regular Ursaluna-Bloodmoon lol.

:regice::darkrai: - I’m mixed on whether this is cool or broken. It’s very optimized. The movepool is insane, with tons of coverage and Nasty Plot. Those stats are also perfect outside of mid speed. The ability makes it broken in snow, but it might not be worth stacking weaknesses. I hope we don’t get a Slowking fusion later on.

:conkeldurr::dachsbun: - Pretty neat. A Guts mon that isn’t slow, although still not very fast, is nice. Sort of our first physically defensive Fairy? Although this probably prefers running max Speed and Attack.

:flamigo::dugtrio-alola: - Seems too hyper-specific of a niche. Revenge-killing OP set-up sweepers in this meta is cool, but does it really do anything else? Those stats, especially that bulk, makes it hard for it to switch-in and do enough damage. Might be a liability unless there’s a set-up sweeper that is going out of control.

:empoleon::braviary-hisui: - My favorite out of the winners. Braviary-Hisui is a super cool Pokémon that is unfortunately let down by typing and mid bulk. Empoliary has much more bulk and a greater typing that works wonders offensively and defensively. STAB Hydro and Esper with Tinted Lens is pretty crazy. Might become problematic but its slow and not too bulky so it’ll probably be balanced.


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Bobsican abilities have exactly 0 naming rules beyond being readable. And obviously hate speech, but you’ve hopefully learned ur lesson on that front
It should be noted that all submissions should be based around the metagame- If "fast" in this pet mod ends up being around 90-100 a powerful attacker with a "poor" speed of 90 wouldn't be appropriate. Also, while not necessarely a rule, please avoid the jokey/silly names.
I could also go on council making it clear (directly by you, even) they'll change names or even veto stuff if they deem them inappropiate based on the above, so that's, indeed, a rule.

If anything this just shows corruptness.


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I could also go on council making it clear (directly by you, even) they'll change names or even veto stuff if they deem them inappropiate based on the above, so that's, indeed, a rule.

If anything this just shows corruptness.
Man is bitching about a filler LC that solely exists for side flavor continuity like brother NO ONE CARES. If it bothers you THAT badly, LEAVE! None of this is pertinent to useful discussion about the actual winners at hand, you are borderline derailing the thread!


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I'll pop in real quick to say that there has been a slight change of plans

You know the drill. 1 Day of discussing.
It will not, in fact, be 1 day of discussing. Council is currently planning a series of roomtoursin order to properly test out the new Pokémon and see where the metagame is at so that we may have as much info as possiblebefore heading into our 12th and final slate. We will more informations soon, such as day and timing. Stay tuned!


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Greetings! As you all might know, we have recently had a survey exploring the people's thoughts on the metagame, what they want for the future and what they believe should recieve some sort of balance change. For this post, I will focus on the latter topic.


As far as Fusions that people felt deserved a nerf, we had the following, listed by how many people claimed for their nerfs:


And, similarly, the following is the list of Fusions that people thought should be buffed:


And that brings us to today's announcement: Council has prepared a brand new Balance Patch!



97 / 57 / 94 / 111 / 99 / 62
Fortunomorphosis - When this Pokemon takes damage from an attack, it gains Laser Focus.
(Summary: -10 HP)

While Bellikiss wasn't unbreakeable by any means, any FE player could tell it is a very centralizing Pokémon that was a bit too good at what it does. This nerf should keep it good while making it easier to take down.

Iron Tornado-S.png

116 / 120 / 94 / 80 / 80 / 92
Nanorepairs - Effects of Quark Drive + Regenerator.
(Summary: -2 HP, -6 Def)

Another dominant threat in our metagame is Iron Tornado. It isn't that much of a problem though, so the nerfs it recieved are fairly minor all things considered.

iron dirge-s.png

98 / 94 / 110 / 98 / 72 / 96
Firewall - Quark Drive + Fire moves have 1.5x power while its Paradox boost is active.
(Summary: -2 Atk, -2 Sp Def, +2 Sp Atk, +10 Speed; ability change)

Iron Dirge used to be absolutely busted as an Unaware mon, but ever since it got nerfed it is stuck in a decline. At this point, the metagame has many other bulky Ground-type options (incluiding another bulky Unaware Ground), so we figured attempting to preserve a defensive profile with Dirge wouldn't have worked. As such, here is a much more offensively threatening version of Iron Dirge, that should hopefully give it an unique niche in the meta.


70 / 57 / 55 / 122 / 105 / 117
Rising Tension - Effects of Levitate + Cursed Body.
(Summary: -10 HP, +10 Speed)

Not much to say here, really. It wasn't a particularly good mon at tanking hits so the HP investment wasn't really doing it. 117 Speed allows it to outspeed some relevant threats such as Iron Legion, Whimsy sands and Ultra Necrotrik.


75 / 90 / 70 / 109 / 70 / 108
Choreography - After another Pokemon uses a dance move, this Pokemon uses the same move; but this effect only works once per switch-in. This Pokemon's type changes to the type of the move it is using.
(Summary: Ability change)

Meowscorio's ability was sort of a mess that hindered it more than it helped. This rework should allow it to diversiy its sets way more as it no longer locks into a single type, most notably freeing Quiver Dance.


93 / 90 / 82 / 101 / 94 / 91
Aura Shield - This Pokemon is not affected by the secondary effect of another Pokemon's attack. While this Pokemon is active, moves with secondary effects used by any Pokemon have 1.33x power.
(Summary: -5 Def, +11 Sp Atk)

Another fairly straightforward change, Yveltox was in need of a damage boost. Not much we can expand on here.

Bronze Bonnet-S.png

97 / 119 / 107 / 79 / 107 / 45
Weight of Life - This Pokemon's weight is doubled. Heavier than opponent, Sun active, or Booster Energy used: highest stat is 1.3x, or 1.5x if Speed.
(Summary: +8 Atk)

Bronze Bonnet is a weird case. Much like Iron Dirge, it started out as a very strong defensive profile that had to be nerfed as the time went on. Recently, people have been discovering more offensive sets for Bronze Bonnet, which have been proving very effective. As such, a boost to its Atk stat should be of help.

tapu titan-s.png

130 / 131 / 90 / 65 / 75 / 74
Force of Nature - Effects of Grassy Surge and Sheer Force.
(Summary: +10 HP, +10 Atk, ability change)

Tapu Titan's concept as a Grassy Terrain abuser turned out to be flawed in execution. Its typing doesn't synergize well with Arbolosion and it was pretty poor outside of terrain. With that in mind, we decided to redefine it as a Sheer Force breaker, as well as increasing its stats as it previously had no stat investments.


90 / 87 / 82 / 67/ 122 / 65
Neutralizing Gas - Effects of Neutralizing Gas.
(Summary: -8 Atk, -3 Def, -3 Sp Atk, +17 Sp Def)

Muktaria suffered from having stats that were just all-around mediocre. With this rework, it at the very least has an outstanding Sp Def profile, leading it to a more unique bulky role in the meta.


90 / 127 / 102 / 107 / 122 / 65
(Summary: New stats to accomodate for the base's changes; new type)

The mega, on another hand, suffered from having a pretty mediocre type. Changing it to Dragon/Fairy should hopefully elevate both its offensive and defensive capabilities.


95 / 108 / 105 / 67 / 77 / 109
Stone Wheel - Effects of Technician and Rock Head.
(Summary: -8 Atk, +8 Speed, ability change)

Relish has been a long time mediocre choice. Needless to say, Swift Swim was doing nothing for it in a metagame without rain, and Sturdy didn't really turn out to be as good as expected, so we decided to free Rock Head + Head Smash while also giving it a small adjustment in Atk to compensate, while also putting it in a more favorable speed tier. Relishadow's main issue is the lack of a way to boost its Atk, having to rely on STAB's power alone. Rock Blast also cornered it into running Loaded Dice which often removed the option for a boosting item. Head Smash should get around that.


79 / 130 / 129 / 45 / 80 / 70
Mad Cow - Effects of Emegency Exit + Intimidate + Lowers opponent's Attack when Emergency Exit activates.
(Summary: -5 Sp Def, +5 Atk, +4 Def, ability change)

Golisoros strus with being a bulky Water type with no recovery in a metagame where Garpyuku reigns and Scream Cormorant is on the rise. We decided to lean it more into its pivot role, now getting a much easier time switching in thanks to Intimidate while also grabbing some good mommentum by lowering the opponent's Attack if Emergency Exit activates.


179 / 101 / 67 / 109 / 67 / 61
All-Devouring - Effects of Beast Boost.
(Summary: -2 Atk, -6 Def, -6 Sp Def, +6 Sp Atk, +8 Speed)

Another straightforward change, Guguzzparce's stats have been more optimized. Probably the best statline we can realistically give it.


81 / 62 / 84 / 130 / 119 / 81
Burning Petals - This side's Fire-Types cannot have their stats lowered or be inflicted by status effects by other Pokémon and are immune to Fire moves. If hit by any of those, activates Flash Fire.
(Summary: -16 Sp Def, +12 Sp Atk, +6 Speed, ability change)

Similar to Golisoros, Florgerouge suffers from there being better options in the meta that perform a similar defensive role to what it is trying to do. We figured it would have been redundant to invest in it as a defensive Fairy, so we shifted its stats into being more of a breaker. Its ability remains mostly the same, but now if its stats were to be dropped by an opponent or if it was to be statused by an opponent, it will proc Flash Fire.

Slither King-S.png

79 / 107 / 93 / 83 / 97 / 79
Opening Act - This Pokemon's Status moves have priority raised by 1, but Dark types are immune. Sunny Day active, Booster Energy used or priority move used: highest stat is 1.3x, or 1.5x if Speed.
(Summary: +8 Def, ability change)

Many people asked for us to increase Slither King's bulk, and that is done here. Not onlydid it get a direct stat boost, but its ability also has a new effect in where it'll gain a Paradox boost for a turn if it uses a priority move, letting you increase your bulk by 30% while using status moves (or First Impression)


90 / 105 / 100 / 110 / 120 / 60
Pondweed - Immune to Grass and Water moves, +1 Attack if hit by a move of those types.
(Summary: Ability change, now Sap Sipper + Torrent)

Another struggling defensive Water, Goopert always had a good statline and a pretty decent movepool, but a fairly mediocre ability. It is now able to check a few more Pokémon thanks to its immunities, but notably can also prevent opposing Flip Turns while also having Flip Turn itself. This allows Goopert to be a pretty effective mon at grabbing mommentum.


97 / 109 / 155 / 75 / 82 / 55
Sand Wrath - Effects of Sand Stream and Sheer Force.
(Summary: -20 Sp Def, +10 HP, +10 Speed)

Stats have been optimized so that it has better overall bulk while also outspeeding Bellikiss more easily.


97 / 139 / 195 / 75 / 102 / 65
Sand Stream - Effects of Sand Stream.


97 / 149 / 185 / 75 / 112 / 55
Sand Force - Effects of Sand Force.
(Summary: New stats to accomodate for the base's changes)

Stats simply have adjusted to match the base form's new stats.

Sol Valiant-S-Mega.png

Gets freed.

In the survey, we were also directly asked to free megas, with Mega Sol Valiant specifically being mentioned a fair bit. As such, Mega Sol Valiant is now legal in FESV.


Nothing for now. While these Pokemon were respectively voted in for a nerf and a buff, council believes they should see a bit more playtesting before we take any action. Don't be mistaken, we will keep an eye on them and they will eventually recieve changes as we see fit. We just want to see how the metagame adapts to them so that they may be changed accordingly.


We will now enter a short discussion phase for people to reflect upon these changes. After this, the final slate will begin.

Use the template below to discuss all the new changes

[img][/img] -

[img][/img] -

[img][/img] -

[img][/img] -

[img][/img] -

[img][/img] -

[img][/img] -

[img][/img] -

[img][/img] -
[img][/img] -

[img][/img] -

[img][/img] -

[img][/img] -

[img][/img] -

[img][/img] -

[img][/img] -

[img][/img] -
[img][/img] -
[img][/img] -

[img][/img] -
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SMH using Discord image links when those have an expiration date nowadays.

rip big Wishes, I sure wish the Def/SpD could have been lowered instead (I'm aware they can't as they're already in the minimal).
:Tornadus Therian::Iron Hands:
They impact my overly optimized EV spreads I used in the PMPL 2 SMH.
Jokes aside, okay? I'm not sure if this was particularly required.
:Skeledirge::Iron Treads:
TBH there's more than sufficient Booster Energy sweepers in the meta nowadays, but it may fit in hyper offense structures as those like to overwhelm opponents with constant pressure.
Nice, there's been a lack of viable Ice-types in a while.
TBH this may become a bit too much with a nice speed tier, QD and splashable pseudo-STABs, but time will tell.
If this is ever in need of a buff, just boosting moves *without* a secondary effect may be considered, anyways, nice buff, although it devalues the defensive niche it was once subbed as.
:Brute Bonnet::Bronzong:
The issue wasn't really the defensive profile per-say, but rather it walling stuff plus having a lacking movepool for defensive purposes (and thus not many liking its passive play-style), I'd think this should have been tested more as a Steel/Grass after the Dirge nerf if its defensive profile was really the concern.
:Tapu Bulu::Cetitan:
Bulu 2, now the sub's concept is quite boring, especially in a meta quite bloated with offensive options of this sort.
Finally it no longer feels like a inconsistent mon, not much to say, fatmon does fatmon things.
The mega would've appreciated more physical bulk to annoy stuff like Roaring Sal, but this is a net buff either way.
Should've made Technician + Swift Swim so moves under 60BP have x2 power SMH
With Gargamise doing similar stuff while also retaining defensive utility this inherently has competition, especially as Iron Legion is slightly faster and shines more in general wallbreaking.
Stretchy ability name, again : V, neither ability mentions bovines, anyways, this still faces a lot of competion TBH.
You could always just remove the idea of having to use prime numbers to buff this even more (it was never a rule), but time will tell if it'll need that, although that's likely at this pace.
That SpD drop is more than noticeable, although with little practical effect as it's still fatter on that side than Bellikiss, anyways, I do find this change fine as there's better fat Fairies out there regardless, at least on paper.
:Slither Wing::Klefki:
This is really struggling after the Light Clay ban, huh? I suppose it can more comfortably set Screens or Spikes now.
It could be buffed further by making its Water and Grass moves innately being boosted by x1.5, but time will tell if that'd be required, still feels a bit mid as its typing isn't that good for a fatmon without reliable recovery.
This is just implying that Bellikiss can just run 8 Spe EVs to outspeed this anyways (as I presume it'd try to be faster than uninvested Bellikiss), speed creeping sounds good on paper, but for something like this it can be inconsistent.
Probably still a bit too slow for Dragon Dance, still remains overly bulky, however.
Still acts as a wallbreaker on a sort of timer (pre-mega weather), I suppose.
:Iron Valiant::Absol-Mega:
Base was starting to feel outclassed, so this may be a welcome addition, although it may be too much, time will tell as usual.
Semi-reliable recovery in Moonlight, obscene bulk, good STABs, hazard control while barely minding hazards... yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if this'd have to be swapped with "normal" Ursaluna or something at some point.
I'm not sure you can argue much for this mon, its stats are a bit lacking and that speaks by itself for something that tries to setup over multiple turns, should've given it Torrent + Tinted Lens so its Water moves are also innately boosted by x1.5 or x2.
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:relicanth: :marshadow: overall an absolute nerf because it didn’t even have swift swim, sure the speed is nice but rock head doesn’t outweigh sturdy imo, since that allows relish to revenge stuff

:skeledirge: :iron-treads: we are so back nothing walls this
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- Good. Nerf it more.

- Probably not enough lol. Mon is still insanely good offensively and we just nerfed its best counter (see above).

- Mon goes CRAZY now. Thank god we banned Light Clay cause this guy would've been a menace on screens.

- Iron Lass dead before it even started living... Mon's speed tier is premium now, so hopefully it can make something happen with its dogshit typing. I'm not holding out hope tho.

- Looks maybe alright but I'm just gonna spam physical moves on spikes sets lol. Probably about as much as you could've done tho, so it's something.

- Forgot this guy got buffed. Pretty dead in the water since Light Clay is gone, but at least I can sorta justify running it now.

- Yeah this is epic. OTR Bonnet looks really fun so supporting that niche is cool.

- Hm. I can see the vision here, especially considering how absurdly strong Play Rough and Icicle Crash are with SF, but my main problem is that to run LO you'll have to drop boots, which is less than ideal in a meta that's mostly comprised of hazard stack. We'll see how this one plays out.

- NOOOOOOO GIVE IT BACK THE ATTACK I WAS JUST ABOUT TO USE EQ MUK!! Oh well, probably an objective buff. Lets you wall guys like Belli and Florg much better, but unfortunately doesn't solve this mon's main issue of hyperpassivity.
- I like this one a lot more. DD still looks bad but defensive sets absolutely cook, though they do compete a little bit with Cormorant. At least this guy can run EQ.

- Yeah idk, this mon always gave shitmon vibes and this doesn't really change that. New speed tier is cool tho.

- LMAO I forgot half of the guys. Uhhh this one still looks bad.

- Yeah there's not really much you can do for this mon. Probably still bad.

- I like this take on the mon. Definitely felt like a jack-of-all-trades, master of none before, so let's see if it can differentiate itself now.


- Rupert. Base is much better, so much so that idk if I even want to run mega now lol. Still gonna run Mega Stone anyway to completely blank Star tho!!

- Sure is a buff
- Yup
- Mhm

- This mon is CRAZY. Ngl I still don't think base Sol is all that bad, and this guy has like, no walls lol. We should definitely keep an eye on this one.

Also really wish council nerfed Weez. It doesn't really hurt anything to give it more time I guess, but mon is clearly too optimized and an ability nerf would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, pretty great slate overall besides a few outliers (WHO thinks Maw is viable?? WHO?!?!), so good job council.
- the nerf button isn't enough i want him dead. jokes aside, good change. makes it less uh. it.

- i mean sure?? idk what this nerf realistically accomplishes, honestly.

- offensive dirge babyyyyy we torchin our songs with this one. other than that idk it looks better now, 120bp torch song is kinda scary if you can get it going with booster speed or something.

- why the hell was this invested in hp lmao

- first part of the new ability seems. not all that good? unless theres something im missing. having pre-sv protean is really nice though, especially for stuff like qd sets which appreciate not being stuck as a bug for all eternity. theres probably some kinda wacky revdance/utility combo here that sounds kinda funny to mess with.

- funny. better. not much to say really, lol.

- in hindsight it's kind of funny how far bonnet has drifted from the original context it was subbed in as a dedicated wall. that said i'm glad it's seeing new life breathed into it instead of being the most necessary evil mon of all time

- yeah idk its probably better. i don't really feel anything towards this mon im gonna be real

- heyyy it's nice to see this thing have actual real stats finally. looks pretty nice as a spdef mon now
- and hey, if you want another spdef fairy...

- seems pretty solid now. big head smash clicker.

- i mean it's better. i don't know if it's any good. but it's better. so.

- yeah. i guess.

- hugest victim of bad timing for getting into the mod, glad to see it's being given a new lease on life by getting taken out of belli's shadow a bit

- 252+ Atk Life Orb Protosynthesis Slither King First Impression vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Roaring Sal: 339-399 (105.6 - 124.2%) -- guaranteed OHKO

- wooo yet another mon with a double immunity ability. being able to absorb flip turn is nice enough to be worth it despite already having a 4x water resist. grass immunity is grass immunity. this thing eats up stargrowth now, which is funny.

- i mean sure
- i mean sure
- i mean sure

- looks like it'll be fine now honestly. and of the currently banned megas its honestly the only one i actively don't mind being freed, if only for a little while to see how it pans out. if it has to go again it has to go, but. we'll see lol
- Legit I doubt this nerfs did anything due to being so minor, even in belli's case I always thought it was fine. They are fine nerfs and I expect these two to remain top of the meta honestly.

- What a fall from grace. I don't really see the hype beyond iron piss teams and HO but the meta is genuinely so harsh towards its typing that I can assure you even its pre-nerf counterpart would struggle to find a niche in the meta. It helps it slightly, but otherwise mon just doesn't look good.

- Great buff, makes it so much worth it as a special ice, allowing it to kill relevant threats like scream, legion and band Zoinkzenta. Nice mon

- Not having to lose its typing after a quiver dance its good, means it will have the chance to sweep being significantly easier.

- Hit a bit harder now, but too niche considering how HO died hard with light clay.

- This mon has had one of the funniest developments of the entire mod. Im glad people are seeing that making this invest in its attack rather than reverting back to its shitty grass steel typing was the correct choice.

- Not sure what to think of this thing. Ice fairy on grassy terrain is solid but not spectacular, andhaving to go physical is still a travesty. That being said sheer force deals enormous amounts of damage so this might have a niche.

- More bulk goes a long way to allow this thing to be a decent defogger. Although still a bit passive.
- With a better offensive typing Muktaria might finally be a real mon again.

- Not being stuck into loaded dice for a decent rock stab is great, albeit its niche its mostly done better by Baxgeist.

- I always thought this mon was underrated in the current meta, so I think this buff will work wonders for it. Makes it a terrific Drud check.

- I love Guguzz but there really is nothing that can be done to make this mon viable in the current meta unfortunately.

- The status immunity goes a long way to ensure this mon has a niche of Bellikiss. Its still got its usua issues but know it can be a more solid teammate.

- After light clay got murdered this thing really needed that. The extra bulk from the ability should do wonders.

- Marginally better rupert, at elast its just a very nice mon to pair with our grounds.

- I still doubt this mon is able to do anything right now with the huge ground type competition.
- See Above
- See Above



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Slate 12 - Gran Finale

And so, we reach the end. Before moving onto this, I'd like to share results from the survey.


As you can see, most players believe the current metagame to be both Healthy and Fun, which is good. As such it'd be wise to try to keep it that way.

As for what people are looking for, we got many people asking for some sort of offensive diversification such as adding weather variety, web abusers and more Mega options. If you do want to invest into weather, just be careful to keep things balanced as that can become a very dominating playstyle if not done propperly. If you want to check what specifically has been said, check these below:


So, with all that said, the final slate can now begin and will last for a week, closing on the 24th. Enjoy!

a second sand abuser has hit the towers
DNA Donors: Garchomp / Shiftry
Fusion Name: Chomptry
New Types:

Base Stats: 99 / 115 / 77 / 105 / 72 / 91 [BST: 559] (+0 HP / +0 Atk / +0 Def / +20 SpA / +0 SpD / +0 Spe)
New Ability: Sand Rush = (Sand Veil + Chlorophyll)
Ability Description: If Sandstorm is active, this Pokemon's Speed is doubled; immunity to Sandstorm.
Notable Moves:
Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Knock Off, Leaf Blade
Dark Pulse, Draco Meteor, Earth Power, Energy Ball, Leaf Storm, Weather Ball
Nasty Plot, Swords Dance
Intended Role: Physical Wallbreaker, Special Wallbreaker, Sand Abuser
Role Justification: sand is so close to feeling real, man. anyway here's a sand abuser that can run either phys or special sets depending on how you like to game. differentiates itself from our existing chomp fusion for reasons that i would HOPE are obvious, lol

DNA Donors: Garchomp-Mega / Shiftry
Fusion Name: Chomptry-Mega
New Types:

Base Stats: 99 / 155 / 97 / 145 / 82 / 81 [BST: 659] (+0 HP / +40 Atk / +20 Def / +60 SpA / +10 SpD / +-10 Spe)
New Ability: Sand Force = (Sand Veil + Chlorophyll)
Ability Description: Combined effect of both the abilities.
Notable Moves:
Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Knock Off, Leaf Blade, Stone Edge
Dark Pulse, Draco Meteor, Earth Power, Energy Ball, Leaf Storm, Weather Ball
Nasty Plot, Swords Dance
Intended Role: Physical Wallbreaker, Special Wallbreaker, Sand Abuser
Role Justification: probably legal mega? don't use it though.

DNA Donors: Gabite / Nuzleaf
Fusion Name: Nuzbite
New Types:

Base Stats: 69 / 80 / 52 / 75 / 47 / 71 [BST: 394] (+0 HP / +0 Atk / +0 Def / +20 SpA / +0 SpD / +0 Spe)
New Ability: Sand Rush = (Sand Veil + Chlorophyll)
Ability Description: If Sandstorm is active, this Pokemon's Speed is doubled; immunity to Sandstorm.
Notable Moves:

Intended Role: nfe
Role Justification:

DNA Donors: Gible / Seedot
Fusion Name: Seeble
New Types:

Base Stats: 49 / 55 / 47 / 55 / 37 / 36 [BST: 279] (+0 HP / +0 Atk / +0 Def / +20 SpA / +0 SpD / +0 Spe)
New Ability: Sand Rush = (Sand Veil + Chlorophyll)
Ability Description: If Sandstorm is active, this Pokemon's Speed is doubled; immunity to Sandstorm.
Notable Moves:

Intended Role: lc
Role Justification:

fast special psychic featuring magic bounce from the wacky ability series
DNA Donors: Flygon / Espeon
Fusion Name: Espegon
New Types:

Base Stats: 72 / 82 / 70 / 121 / 87 / 109 [BST: 541] (+0 HP / +0 Atk / +0 Def / +16 SpA / +0 SpD / +4 Spe)
New Ability: Bank Shot = (Levitate + Magic Bounce)
Ability Description: Combined effect of both the abilities.
Notable Moves:
Boomburst, Draco Meteor, Dragon Pulse, Earth Power, Fire Blast, Psychic, Psyshock
Calm Mind, Defog, Roost, Thunder Wave, Trick
Intended Role: Special Wallbreaker, Setup Sweeper (Calm Mind), Hazard Control, Offensive Pivot
Role Justification: Fast Psychic intended to diversify our speed tiers. Gets Magic Bounce + Defog for hazard utility, as well as a surprisingly wide movepool to function as a wallbreaker or sweeper with Calm Mind. Shares a typing with Dramp but I think it fits on different teamstyles to it due to its significantly faster playstyle.

DNA Donors: Trapinch / Eevee
Fusion Name: Eepinch
New Types:

Base Stats: 50 / 97 / 47 / 45 / 55 / 52 [BST: 346] (+0 HP / +20 Atk / +0 Def / +0 SpA / +0 SpD / +20 Spe)
New Ability: Sheer Force = (Sheer Force + Run Away)
Ability Description: Combined effect of both the abilities.
Notable Moves:

Intended Role: lc
Role Justification: banned from lc??

the whale is dead, long live the whale
DNA Donors: Lycanroc-Midnight / Hawlucha
Fusion Name: Lucharoc-Midnight
New Types:

Base Stats: 81 / 110 / 75 / 64 / 69 / 113 [BST: 512] (+0 HP / +7 Atk / +0 Def / +0 SpA / +0 SpD / +13 Spe)
New Ability: Unguarded = (No Guard + Unburden)
Ability Description: Combined effect of both the abilities.
Notable Moves:
High Jump Kick, Knock Off, Stone Edge, Sucker Punch, U-Turn
Defog, Stealth Rock, Swords Dance
Intended Role: Physical Wallbreaker, Unburden Sweeper, Terrain Abuser, Offensive Pivot
Role Justification: Run terrain seeds to capitalise on Unburden, or run a more standard offensive pivot set ig. No Guard makes your STABs actually consistent (outside of i guess muktaria, but like. idk why you'd leave this in on muktaria).

knock knock its the time police
DNA Donors: Walking Wake / Aerodactyl
Fusion Name: Aero Wake
New Types:

Base Stats: 89 / 95 / 79 / 103 / 79 / 121 [BST: 566] (+0 HP / +1 Atk / +1 Def / +11 SpA / +0 SpD / +2 Spe)
New Ability: Dyschronometria = (Protosynthesis + Unnerve)
Ability Description: While active, paradox boosts have no effect.
Notable Moves:
Aqua Jet, Dual Wingbeat, Earthquake, Flip Turn, Knock Off, Liquidation
Earth Power, Hurricane, Hydro Pump, Scald
Defog, Dragon Dance, Roost, Stealth Rock
Intended Role: Special Wallbreaker, Offensive Pivot
Role Justification: Intended as an offensive check to the newly buffed Dirge in particular, mostly by surpressing its Booster Energy speed enhancement and threatening it with STAB Water moves, Aero Wake also checks a variety of other Booster Energy mons by virtue of its ability (which is an epic pre rework dirge reference!!!!). Also a fast Defogger I guess.

DNA Donors: Walking Wake / Aerodactyl-Mega
Fusion Name: Aero Wake-Mega
New Types:

Base Stats: 89 / 125 / 99 / 113 / 99 / 141 [BST: 666] (+0 HP / +31 Atk / +21 Def / +21 SpA / +20 SpD / +22 Spe)
New Ability: Tough Claws = (Protosynthesis + Unnerve)
Ability Description: Combined effect of both the abilities.
Notable Moves:
Aqua Jet, Dual Wingbeat, Earthquake, Flip Turn, Knock Off, Liquidation
Dragon Dance, Roost
Intended Role: Physical Wallbreaker, Setup Sweeper
Role Justification: A legal mega? In my FE? It's more likely than you think. I don't think I need to go into too much detail about what this does, it's a Tough Claws mon with Dragon Dance. also it has the spooky devil number as its bst oooooo
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